10 Largest Bulk Carriers in the World

Impressive Bulk Carriers that measure more than 300 meters in length and have huge cargo holds, are used to transport various types of dry bulk cargo such as grain or minerals around the world. These Are The 10 Largest Bulk Carriers In The World nordic odyssey It operates under the flag of the Marshall Islands … Read more

Top 10 Caribbean Countries to Visit in 2021

Pleasant weather, breathtaking ocean views… what more could you ask for? Today we are counting down our picks for the top 10 Caribbean destinations to visit in 2021. Are you a fan of our videos? Make sure to ring to be notified about our latest bell video. For this list we are looking at various … Read more

10 Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a densely populated country partly reclaimed from the sea with about half of its land lying below sea level. Many tourists come to the Netherlands just to visit Amsterdam. But Holland has a lot to offer outside of its capital. Crossed by canals, the flat landscape is perfect for cycling with historic … Read more

10 Best Countries to Visit in Asia

The largest continent on Earth, Asia stretches all the way from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Its vast terrain ranges from epic mountain ranges such as the Himalayas to the dry and desolate Arabian and Gobi deserts. Steamy jungles can also be found in Southeast Asia, along with paradise islands … Read more

10 Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is a collage of animated scenes including bustling modern cities with tuk-tuks, Buddhist temples tended by orange-robed monks, hill tribes selling handicrafts, landscaped villages dotted with lush traditional farming and stunning coastlines black. Peppered with gorgeous beaches and blue lagoons. Such a picturesque picture explains why Thailand is the most popular travel destination in … Read more

10 Best Places to Visit in Japan

With its sprawling cities and sprawling neon-lit skyscrapers, Japan is a fun country to visit, rich in history and a rich cultural heritage. Temples and temples dot its streets, while ancient palaces and royal palaces stand side by side with world-class restaurants, and its cities are full of life and energy. Japan is a warm, … Read more

10 Best Places to Visit in Romania

The Balkan Peninsula is located on Romania. It is a country of contrasts. The Soviet bloc has been in the country for years. It belonged to the Romans, who gave the country its name after Hungary and the Ottomans. Although its most famous citizen may be the vampire Dracula, a character found in the fictional … Read more

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that wears it. Cultures and history blend them well in an exciting city that has a lot to offer travelers from around the world. It has been through it for its historical heritage, the mosque stands between the basilica and the ancient bazaar east and west Turkey’s largest city offers an … Read more

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

Over the centuries, Warsaw has been looted and invaded many times by armies from Sweden and France to Russia. Among the tourist attractions in pre-World War Two Warsaw, the old town with its castles, churches and palaces are not to be missed. Visitors will also want to take advantage of the city’s influence. A look … Read more

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Lisbon

The capital of sunny Portugal Lisbon is located at the point where the Tagus River estuary meets the Atlantic Ocean The riverfront city is as rich and diverse as a travel destination The country’s long history with ruins A Moorish castle One of the city’s seven Remnants of Lisbon’s colorful past are everywhere, while Western … Read more