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          A Perfume adds charm to one’s personality and its fragrance can indulge you to enjoy many moments of life. It makes you feel fresh, scented and more importantly, people feel pleasant around you. You gain a sense of confidence in your own-self.

Perfumes play a very vital role in the cosmetic industry, as it has been a part of our lives since the earliest of times. But, the most key factor that plays here is that how these products are being presented in the consumer market.


Whenever you are trying to purchase or pick any product, the first thing that you notice is its packaging. If the packing is not up to its standard then the product eventually losses its value in the eyes of the customer, no matter how much the product is valuable on the inside. Since our first impression is our last impression, custom boxes plays an important role in the market value of perfume. Since it is the factor on which the customer will choose his preference.


Similarly, it is a fact that unique and bold custom packaging will attract everyone’s attention. The boxes should be customized to give you a sense of satisfaction, a glimpse of it catches our first thoughts on what might be the quality of the fragrance inside. The exterior of the perfume box is designed in a way to automatically make us interested in the product itself and tempting us to try it on.

A perfume is identified by its box style, its color and shape, determining its effect on a person it should be providing a unique outlook. Since it is the first thing a person would notice. To meet all these demands many popular colours and styles are provided in custom packaging, with a bundle of new varieties of fresh box styles are available to try out for your exclusive product.


The better the fragrance is packed and presented, the better it can stand out in the competition, by bringing more sustaining customers, better audiences for fresh purchases, and popularity in the brand itself. There are two steps in creating the best-selling fragrances. The first and foremost is the making of the perfume itself. Fine quality ingredients and high standard manufacturing and processing.

Secondly, there comes its packaging. It is to be noted that every company manufacturers focus their business on how the products are represented and give a satisfying outlook from its exterior. This gives the benefit of an increase in sales and growth of your franchise.

These custom boxes avail attention to your product and increase popularity within the customer market. This is why multiple designs; italic colors are used to make them eye-catching and meet the standards of the perfume’s quality and cost.


Safe packing is compulsory while covering long distances since there is a danger that the bottles might be damaged, causing leakage or injury due to broken glass. For these high-quality fragrances, it is required for their delicate aromas to be packed in proper care, while using all safety measures. The containers have a shielded separator to avoid clashing them and saving them from loss while long travels.


High-quality materials with sustainable sheets provide a lifetime package. Aside from the common folding boxes now custom corrugated custom boxes are available to add well coherent and ecofriendly boxes.

A variety of materials is available to ensure the quality and durability of the packaging in precise measure.


There are multiple designs accessible to reach all age factors within the customer’s requirements. Perfumes are products used by all age groups, and genders in all regards. This is why different age groups presume to have different tastes in design. This is why boxes play a key role in attracting a variety of customers.

The gloss covering of custom boxes makes the surface shiny and attractive to our audience in seeking interest. To attain your mark in the perfume industry, the design of your brand is an important factor to revolutionize your business with custom packaging.

Perfumes are popular items during seasonal celebrations, birthdays and yearly holidays. So, it is important to keep in view what is trending according to customers need and requirements to make sure they get what they are looking for. Festive, luxury and aesthetic designs are available to meet all age factors and events.


Perfume bottles come in many shapes and sizes and it is very important to meet those standards. Making the bottle fit in every type of range according to its requirement.

There are many horizontal perfume boxes to attract the customer’s attention. Vertical shaped custom boxes are used for floral fragrances. Luxury cotton boxes provide an elegant touch to your product. Wooden textured custom boxes are popular in New Year celebrations when gifts are exchanged as a token to one another. Square shaped custom boxes are popular with young girls.


The main function of an insert is to protect the glass bottle and to make its shape fit in the box. Many new and attractive add-ons can enhance the outlook of your product instead of making it boring, try out custom insert options as well.

The tray trap inserts are very popular making the body of the bottle stand out its quality.

Partition inserts are used for delicate and sustain the sleek design. Inserts of foam, cardboards and transparent glass are available according to every requirement.


Not only is the exterior of your product important for your customers point of preference, but the presentation from its interior can tempt the eye of the beholder.

Add-ons provide a structural modification to the perfume itself which are a symbol for many manufactures in giving the customer an identity of the product itself.

There are many unique and popular add-on designs available, from sliding to folding ones. Their placement and peculiar movements make the opening experience valuable and innovative.

Stampa Prints provides the best packaging for products on a client to requirement basis. Whether it is a unique design you want, their perfume and cosmetic packaging live up to the expectations. And is the first choice for many known companies and brands. Ensuring quality packing and safety of your products is their first priority. They offer cooperative customer service and quotations for your business plans.


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