10 Top Tourist Attractions in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that wears it. Cultures and history blend them well in an exciting city that has a lot to offer travelers from around the world. It has been through it for its historical heritage, the mosque stands between the basilica and the ancient bazaar east and west Turkey’s largest city offers an aura of intrigue and charm that will appeal to all visitors Here’s a look at the top Tourists in Istanbul attractiveness.

219 feet tall No. 10 Galata Tower

The Galata Tower dominates Istanbul and offers spectacular views of the old skyline. The medieval stone tower known as the Christ Tower was the tallest building in Istanbul when it was built in 1348. It has been modified to include a restaurant and a night club to fire at its upper reaches today, being used as an observation tower. Amazing view

Number nine Istanbul archeology

The museum is one of the most important museums in Turkey. The Istanbul Archaeological Museum is located in three different buildings that house more than 1 million objects from civilizations around the world. The museum outside the Topkapi Palace houses thousands of precious artifacts, including the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great.

Number Eight Cora Church The Chora

The church may be a little off the beaten path but visitors say the beautiful Byzantine art is well worth it. Days were a monastery in its early years, after a few centuries it became a mosque and in 1948 it was converted into a museum.

Number Seven Basilica Kund

The Basilica Cistern has been providing Istanbul residents with water since the sixth century when it was ordered to be built by the Roman Emperor Justinian I. A traveler reads about the technology used by the ancient Romans to build this architectural wonder. The sunken castle pool is one of the locations used in From Russia With Love.

A James Bond film filmed in 1963 no

6 The Palace of Dolmabah is one of the most glamorous adjectives used to describe Dilma. Burnt European styles of neoclassical with baroque and rococo are the homes of six sultans 1856 to 1924 this palace is amazing it was built with bas born shoreline number five Tsuya monuments for visitors Sulaymaniyah Mosque says its beauty and peace It gives them an inspiration. including when a fire broke out when the garden was used as a weapons depot

Number four is the passenger of the Grand Bazaar

A trip to the Grand Bazaar with five thousand shops makes it one of the largest indoor market places in the world receiving over a quarter million visitors a day. Spices antiques may or may not fly and the bazaar features painted porcelain dating back to 1461 and today is home to thousands of hammams for two mosques and a jewelry bazaar where the rarest and most valuable items are traditionally found.

Number three Topkapi Palace Topkapi

The palace is one of the must-see attractions in Istanbul that combines history and stunning scenery. At one time it was an official royal residence of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the seat of the Turkish government, but now visitors to the museum can catch a glimpse of the heron quarter where the government worked as a palace kitchen with a huge porcelain collection and Khajana with its collection of jewelery and watches

Number Two Blue Mosque Blue Mosque

Built in the first half of the 17th century, the remains are today an active house of worship.This means that visitors need to take their time.The mosque is closed, so travel with caution.There are five daily prayer times for visitors. It is a small price to pay to see its preciousness. The treasures include 20,000 ceramics, tiles in various tulip designs and 200 stained glass windows, all intricately built by the Sultan.

Number one Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia Once a house of worship that served many religions well over the centuries it began as a Greek Eastern Orthodox basilica that was home to the Patriarchs of Constantinople when it was built in 537 for about six in the 12th century. It was a Roman Catholic church for a decade. It is most famous for its mosaics depicting various religious scenes, including other mosques.

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