10 Best Places to Visit in Romania

The Balkan Peninsula is located on Romania. It is a country of contrasts. The Soviet bloc has been in the country for years. It belonged to the Romans, who gave the country its name after Hungary and the Ottomans. Although its most famous citizen may be the vampire Dracula, a character found in the fictional Transylvania, here’s a look at the best places to visit in Romania.

Number 10. Danube Delta

If you are a nature lover, include yourself in it. The Danube Delta is the largest protected river in Europe. Make sure to bring binoculars with you because it is a paradise for watching wildlife birds that come here from as far away as Egypt and China for breeding or wintering. The willow-lined canals offer an excellent habitat for over 300 bird species. Previous visitors appreciate the spectacular sunsets and highly recommend a slow boat ride on the river.

Number nine Cluj Napoca

Home to the country’s largest university, Cluj-Napoca is considered the unofficial capital of the historical region of Transylvania. It is a city that predates Roman colonization in Romania. The facility is built by the King in the 14th century and has the tallest church tower in the country

Number eight Constanta

The Black Sea Constance lures tourists from all over Europe during the summer months. Constanța is Romania’s largest port and the third largest port, Romania’s oldest city. There are many historic sites on the Black Sea, beaches and even a grand casino. Do check out the popular meeting place Ovid Square’s intricate beauty with Roman mosaics and a 26-foot lighthouse built in 1860.

No. 7. Brown Castle is Brown Castle

The house is often associated with Dracula as his form, although there is no indication that author Bram Stoker knew about it. This 13th-century medieval castle is today a museum exhibiting art and furniture collected by Queen Maria. The house is also an open-air museum featuring Romanian peasant buildings.

Number Six Bucharest Bucharest is a city

which connects the old with the new Visitors can visit a centuries-old building A modern skyscraper and a communist-style building all in the same block This modernization European capital claims to be the largest in the world Parliament building with 3 100 rooms and 12 storeys high Tours of the impressive building, built in 1984, are often offered. A full day is not to be missed. Bucharest’s Old Town Center has narrow cobblestone streets and old buildings, including medieval churches.

Number Five Sanaya Sanaya is a mountain

The Sahara city that grew up around a monastery named after Mount Sinai, the monastery containing a copy of the first Bible printed in Romania, is a popular site today with tourists who enjoy hiking in the summer. Very impressive downhill skiing Winter King Charles I built his summer house near the palace known as the palace Here the city is famous for its beautiful flowers but visitors who pick them can take themselves in hot water Not allowed

Number four among the painted monasteries

The most picturesque attractions of Romania are the painted monasteries of Bukovina in the northeastern part of the country. Images of Jesus and heaven and hell

Number three Brezhov

Located in central Romania, Brazów boasts everything from dynamic modern city life to old-world charm and charm. The city is considered a scenic mountain surrounded by the Carpathian mountains. Skiing and mountain resort with snow-skating facilities are a top sight. The Black Church is a The Gothic cathedral is so named because the smoke from the 17th century fire blackened the stones even visitors may want to walk under the rope.

Number two sea view

CBU Once Part of Hungary Dates Back to the Early 12th Century The square is used since the 15th century and is home to one of the oldest museums in the world, the Baroque Bruckenthal Palace.

Number one is also located in Sighisoara

Transylvania Sighisoara is one of the most popular because of its beautifully preserved walled city during its popular location in Romania. A 12th-century German architect and king invited traders here to settle and defend the frontiers of Hungary. He established a thriving Here is the trading city Garh hai. Visitors today see the medieval festival every July Yeel Ka Pathar Gadhi Hai Tower is a 210 feet high tower built in 1556.

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